Tools for a Culture Revolution

We are more capable and beautiful than we know ourselves to be.


The acuteness of our sensory perception, emotional body intelligence and conscious awareness of ourselves and the collective has reached a new optimum.

Creative teams find their limitations of the office as their work demands a high level of empathy and field research to do it justice. They are craving to go into the field and touch things, to feel the hearts of their users, to understand the contexts of their users, and to interpret their world in a fresh way. Hot desks, networked co-working spaces globally, global cellular data, modular furniture are already mutating and popping up around the world. 

We need a new environment to play and create. The old model of work no longer fits the speed, demands and expansiveness that we crave. The emerging millennial leaders are more mobile, complex, cultured, and discerning. They not only demand the best products, experiences and spaces, they are continuously adapting their creative process to become more lean, novel and efficient. Their minds are hardwired for connectivity and scale. We understand that optimization creates more possibilities and options. The world is their oyster, and no goal is too far out of reach. We are the future we've been waiting for.

In the same moment, this hyper-charged culture breeds a desire for deep, wise, connected and felt experiences. We are returning back to our ancient primal roots; a visceral desire for connection and a nurturing hearth. A feeling of home on the road. Paper books that we can scan and devour. A good scent that brings us a sense of calm. A totem that reminds of the mystery, of our deepest Spirit and the Cosmos. A campfire with friends under the stars. 


This new movement needs the tools to manifest our collective imaginations.

We are building the pick axes for miners on the frontier of this cultural revolution.

We invite you to leave your known world and step with us into the future.

Ting Kelly