Buckminister Fuller Inquiries

How do we discover our deeper desires and purpose?

What holds us back from happiness? Why does our brain latch onto or look for problems, pains, complaints?

How do we create goals and action plans with soul? 

How do I know when we're stifling ourselves with structure vs. nurturing, or setting yourself free, with structure? Life-affirming discipline doesn’t take you further from your truth and joy, it brings you closer to it. 

Did God give humans “minds” or was it completely an improbabilities of nature itself evolving its intelligence?

If this is true, “It is clearly evidenced that God must have included humans in the design of Universe for very important reasons else we would not have been given exclusive, objective-use access to some of the eternal laws governing the physical and metaphysical Universe”, then why were humans part of the “design”?

The combined human power structures – economic, religious, and political – have compounded this primary error by ruling that no one should make mistakes and punishing those who do. This deprives humans of their only-trial-by-error learning.

Do we only learn by trial-and-error?

Human mind alone has been given access to some of the eternal laws governing physical and metaphysical Universe, such as the laws of leverage, mechanical advantage, mathematics, chemistry, electricity, and the laws governing gravitational or magnetic interrattractiveness which varies inversely in respect to the second power of distances intervening.

What are some of the other eternal laws governing the physical and metaphysical Universe?

Women are the continuum of human life. Like the tension of gravity cohering space-islanded galaxies, stars, planets, and atoms, women are continuous. Men are discontinuous space islands. Men, born forth only from the wombs of women have the function of activating women’s reproductively.

Wow, this gives me so much of a deep sense of responsibility and pride to be a woman. We literally bleed every month into the earth, we are the continuous, fluid bearers of life itself, carrying with us the potentiality of the continuation of humanity. I hold this as no small responsibility.

In other species, this is flipped. Can it only be one sex that can reproduce to create the “magnetic interrattractiveness”, and why does the universe not have a single sex that could do all?

The present evolutionary crisis of humans on planet Earth is that of a final examination for their continuance in Universe. It is not an examination of political, economic, or religious systems, but the integrity of each and all individual human’s responsible thinking and unselfish response to the acceleration in evolution’s evermore unprecedented events.

How do you incentivize and cultivate greater integrity in an evolutionary species? What could that look like?

The population-stabilizing higher living standards will be accomplished through conversion of all the high-technology now employed in weaponry production redirected into livingry production, blocked only by political party traditions and individually uncoped-with, obsoletely conditioned reflexes.

Part of the mission of Ritual. Turning the genius put into violence and turning into love and art.

How do we re-program these obsolete and destructive reflexes and conditional norms in our society? What is the surest way we can do this?

The holocaust can be prevented only by individual humans demonstrating uncompromising integrity in all matters, thus qualifying us for continuance in the semi-divine designing initiative bestowed upon us in the gift of our mind.

What does uncompromising integrity look like for you in this lifetime?

At which point do we “qualify” and how we do we know when we are living in full integrity? Is that even possible? If not, does this mean we are doomed for death / holocaust / hell?

How do we know what do believe in our mind? Where does the stream of thoughts come from in the mind – what is that reflex reacting to, and why does it react the way it does?

Is there there a spectrum or multiple parallel dimensions of what is considered “integritous”? For example, if I grow up in California and realize my body reacts to gluten, which could mean it would be in integrity to my body to not eat gluten. However, if I grew up in a different place where everything had gluten, would my body still react? What would be in integrity?

What is the purpose of our bodies? Of our minds? Do they need each other to exist?

When we are first born, are we a blank slate, with nothing in the mind to respond to? At what point does the mind first react, and is that when the brain becomes the “mind”?

Why do anything at all, if all thoughts are just neurons firing (not ours) and if our actions create more suffering in the world? Is it possible to live in integrity when it is inevitable that we destroy life and create suffering?

Is there an inherent law of beauty? Does nature witness itself and optimize for beauty, or is beauty just a subjective experience that humans objectify in its surroundings.

What is the speed of our time dimension, and why does everything not happen all at once, or is it? Is our time dimension created by our minds to control and comprehend, and if so, how can we alter our relationship to time to be more in integrity with nature?

What does a “pure mind” or “enlightened mind” mean? Is it merely so self-aware of itself that it learns faster and faster and is able to avoid usual mistakes and rackets, so that is transcends everyday suffering and exists in a peaceful state all the time? Is this the ideal of an “actualized” mind?


Feel each word. I feel the sentiment of every word. Learning to sit with the questions left unanswered, as books in a library, and enjoy the fulfillment of a good question in itself for what it is.

It is amazing how much I feel these questions in my body – and even specific words that trigger the idea in my brain – has the power to fuel itself in my body.

It’s amazing to watch my mind want to distract itself. The compulsions it has to want to check my phone, switch applications, look outside, think about what I want to eat….anything I can do to leave the discomfort of the in-between, or a hard question, or a response in my body or a fleeting thought that crosses my mind.

My mind is geared to want to share – to look at photos to move into more visual computation, to think negative thoughts, to be in a constant state of worry about past and future, to think about other people and “go outside of myself”, to go into a self-critical thought process, to feel isolated and alone in my questions left unanswered and un-knowable, to want to call my dad and have him give me the answers, to feel connected to Carson and everything that he holds and stands for in his life, to feel gratitude for Bucky and David who shared this piece and created the opportunity for these reflections and insights and observations.

What helps me is tuning into the present, this very moment, the open field of everything happening simultaneously, the wonder and brilliance of human invention (I’m sitting on an airplane, typing on my computer these words, plugged into a socket that is powering energy into my device and delighting me with a bright green button, while I listen to the most beautiful vibrations pulse through my ear lobes in noise-cancellations little nubs!) HA. It really is so ridiculous and unbelievable when my mind puts its attention to the total miracle of the present moment.

And yet, we still have so much to learn as a species. Wow, I feel how quickly that moment passed and how quickly my mind was able to go into a negative judgement (“I don’t love the way this song starts!”). Watching the mind.

Ride into the known. Embrace the miracle.

Music is a miracle. Life is a miracle.

This process of responding to Bucky’s Integrity article with questions is so much more stimulating. It shows that humans are inherently dialectic and having polarity and paradox is what makes the Universe possible.