What is Included

This is a service-based trip, therefore Ritual Studio is producing this at cost, without taking any profit. Ritual Studio will donate any additional profits to InnoCampus. 

the trip includes:  

  • 6 days / 5 nights of integrated, highly curated programming (from creative immersion + think tank during day, to cultural experiences at night in Istanbul and Ayvalik)
  • Boutique hotel accommodations each night in beautiful locations.
  • 2 delicious, local meals each day featuring the local cuisine (Breakfast and either lunch/dinner. 1 meal will be on your own, with curated restaurant recommendations)
  • Local transport to/from each location, beginning from Istanbul Airport to Ayvalik
  • Cost of all activities, including the AIMA International Music Festival
  • Excludes: airfare, travel visa, optional Greece add-on trip (final cost still TBD based on total headcount)
  • Contribution towards InnoCampus program.

Important notes:

  • Covers basic trip costs, our basic operational costs as well as fund scholarships for 4 students’ projects.
  • You will just need to cover your own costs of airfare, one meal/day and any other additional costs and activities you’d like to set up. We have been working with local partners to get a special rate for our group, so it will be below average. 
  • The additional portion of the trip will be an additional cost that we can provide an estimate cost once we get a sense of headcount (The total number of people will affect the cost of the boat, etc. The more people, the less expensive per person, so invite your tribe!). We would recommend budgeting an additional $1000 - $1500. 

Limited to 16 participants.*

*We will invite 4 local entrepreneurs from the InnoCampus project to join us on scholarship to promote integration. There will be also be up to 15 local partners from Turkey who will join us throughout the event, plus the Ritual Studio production team present to ensure your experience is rich. 


We believe in the theory of regenerative design. Everything we do is interconnected to the whole system. We see this trip as a step in the direction toward greater peace-building and systems literacy for a new world.

What makes this unique and beneficial to me?

  • Curated Community and Relationships (invite-only)
  • Cultural Education & Immersion
  • Mentorship and Community Service Opportunities
  • Invitations to follow up gatherings, workshops and expeditions with Ritual Studio