Tools for the Creative Frontier.

The future of design is emergent.


All of us are smarter than any of us. Our process, called Immersion, is designed to maximize the creative potential of small teams working with absolute focus.


Our Work

Our work spans technology, philanthropy and design.


Our Capabilities

We are evolutionary designers and culture shifters. We believe in a holistic approach that integrates logic and magic, that involves genuine omni-consideration and clear focus towards pattern-recognition, experimentation, clarity & coherence. 


1. Environmental Design (Space) — 

Space informs being. Together, we prototype environments and spatial layouts in selected spaces. We could begin by choosing the highest leverages spaces to start, and begin prototyping, convening and working within the space to design the most optimal version of the environmental potential.

2. Curation (Community) — 

We believe that the people in the room can make or break a project. Our work has exposed us to a global network of top talent and thinkers that has been cultivated intentionally to create community. Working with your team, we’d map out the ecosystem of potential stakeholders and determine the best skill set, archetypes and experience levels needed in the room, ensuring the group is diverse and truly interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational. We could help establish a cultural rhythm of gathering and sharing in your organization and community. We could co-create an events and editorial calendar to build momentum and exposure.

3. Process Design & Facilitation (Immersion) — 

We would serve as lead or supporting facilitators for the Immersion process, guiding the design thinking and prototyping sessions at different scales – internally and externally. We would work with your team first to design the ideal process for the mission, and collaborate on harvesting and packaging the key insights and learnings into a scalable format to share with the community.

4. Experience Design (Culture) — 

Starting with framing the objective, we would map out the experience flow and programatic content plan that could become a transformational experience (taking many forms, from a workshop experience, to a dinner salon, to a festival). We would help design and execute the program and experience, helping concept and bring in special activities and external speakers or experts to make the event world class. 

5. Product Design (Tools) — 

Using the immersion methodology, we could conceive and design new product concepts for tools to help accelerate and transform the way we work, play and life as creatives. We have backgrounds in UX / Interaction Design, Human-Centered Design, GoogleX Design, IDEO, and MIT Media Lab training. We put humans at the center. We love working with visionary founders to incept and launch new products and prototypes into emerging markets. 

6. Branding & Storytelling (Myth) — 

Creating a myth and visual identity will help generate a shared language for building attraction and momentum. Tell the stories about the process of innovation, about the space, and also showcases the process of innovation.


Our Process

We believe in the power of full immersion.

What is Immersion?

Immersion is a format we've cultivated and refined over the last 10 years. We believe that the future of work is moving towards more decentralized, modular, and nomadic teams that assemble in real-time, work in short productive sprints, and connect dots and webs to achieve the objectives at hand. We believe that the old model of 6-month timelines on projects are dead; the current era of real-time, machine-enabled and accelerated go-to-market timelines are the new norm, while the ability to find and activate talent is becoming increasingly difficult and critical. 

Immersion is our answer to conquering this wicked problem. Immersions is a 48-hour process designed for emergence and deep team, product and market alignment. Each Immersion is custom designed and held in an extraordinary location around the world. Our immersions are designed for intimate teams and leaders to get into a new environment and be able to reconnect to the big picture, refine their core brand identity and product/service, as well as realign their company culture and team dynamics with new processes and tools that they can take back to work with them and apply immediately. 

Over the past ten years, we’ve worked with startups, foundations and the Fortune 100 to conceive of and launch products, services and immersive experiences, putting the user at the center. We’ve refined the art and science of cultivating the conditions for emergence amongst interdisciplinary creative teams.

What makes this process unique?

We've optimized our process for the highest degree of depth x speed. In an accelerated world of change, teams need to be equip with the best tools and methodologies to adapt and tap into group creative flow quickly, at all times.

Our practice is based on the premise that every detail matters. We believe in a holistic approach where our environment, food, materials and facilitation are each optimized for collective ow and breakthrough. We hold space for the best ideas to emerge organically and synthesize the collective imagination into a visual language.


Are you ready for full immersion?