The Nomad Easel

The Nomad Easel

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The Nomad Easel


The core design philosophy was to minimize weight and maximize flexibility and portability. We drew upon the ecosystem of tools from lightweight backpacking coupled with the tools of photography. The slender and minimalist profile makes it blend into any environment, while the adjustable legs allow for a diverse palette of use cases: standing, seated desk, laptop stand, and balancing on uneven surfaces in nature. Designed to be minimalist and lightweight enough to carry anywhere with you while also being durable and versatile. This easel packs into almost any backpack and carry on bag, and comes in a sealed pack to throw in your vehicle. 


We have been running a nomadic creative studio for the last 5 years. We have always loved working from amazing public spaces -- museums, parks, coffee shops. The question guiding us was: How could we make the world around us more creative? I wanted a standing desk I could use anywhere and could travel with. 

Product Details

Material: Carbon Fiber

Plate: 13.5” x 9.5” (large enough for a 15” laptop)
Maximum Height: 56.7"
Min Height: 13.4"
Folded Length: 15.75"
Leg Sections: 4
Weight: 2.4 lb
Supports up to 8.8lbs

Independent Leg Angle Selector
Quick Release Ball Head
QR Plate Included
Carbon Fiber plate
Made: Assembled in San Francisco, USA

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