our Mission

This July 2018, 16 global culture shapers will join together on the gorgeous Aegean Sea to offer their creative superpowers towards supporting the next generation of refugee youth entrepreneurs.

An immersive 7-day learning journey will be an exploration and an offering of peace to the ancient Aegean coast, from Istanbul to Avyalik to the nearby Greek islands, that helped birth our modern civilization and is currently undergoing one of the most significant human crisis of the century.

We hope to be able to learn and connect with our roots as Western civilization as well as the emerging creative frontier that blends East and West. This trip is a unique blend of part wisdom exchange, part creative exploration, part offering of peace and healing.

Our hope is that this experience will be a symbol for the potential of a conscious collective, acting out of love and service for the world. You each hold a key piece of the fabric of this experience, and will be co-creating the experience with us.


high notes:

    Why? Given the global urgency around climate change, political drama and the shifting economy, generating the nucleus of a new culture, a new language, a language of the heart, is needed to reconstruct a new future.

    When? From the 25th to the 29th of July 2018 

    Where?  Istanbul  (25-26 July)| Küçükköy, Ayvalık (27-29 July) – Turkey | (optional) Samos and Patmos island, Greece (30 July - 3 August)

    Deadline?  Confirmations of participation will close on the 30th of May, 2018.

    Who? This is an invite-only trip. Every person involved in this experience is intentionally invited to be on this journey. Our team is specifically curating each person on the trip based on the alchemy, relatedness, and highest potential for impact and partnership. We are focusing this group on a balance of creatives, entrepreneurs, healers and social impact sector.

    How much?  All proceeds go directly through TactAgora, at cost. Please reach out directly to Tact Agora for any pricing questions: contact@tact-agora.org

    We are producing this at cost with our partners, Tact Agora and InnoCampus, without taking any profits. More details below.

    If you would like to join for Greece, please notify us and we will all split the cost of the sailboat / ferry cruise. 

    What is a service expedition?

    This is the first Ritual "Service Expedition" designed with a local partner, which focuses on service and creative exchange at the core, and of course beauty, integrity and wisdom as the foundation. The difference between "Service Expeditions" and "Creative Expeditions" is the focus on community service and generosity at the core vs. creative experimentation and making. 

    Why now?

    • Given the economic crisis in Greece and the refugee movement in Turkey, the time is ripe for a reset, transformation and healing.
    • Traditional aid and economic development initiatives have failed to address the issues from a systems level, leaving the locals to bring it into their own hands.
    • Our local partners at InnoCampus Startup Accelerator have been working tirelessly for the last few years to establish peaceful relationships with refugee youth and create programs that help them create better futures for themselves and their family.
    • Our local partner TACT Agora has also been working hard to invite 15 global entrepreneurs to join us to form a beautiful community.
    It is clear that we can no longer live the way as we do. We have to change our mindset and the systems in which we live. Otherwise, we risk destroying life on Earth.
    It is high time we feel responsible for our individual actions or inactions.
    We have enough experience and tools to reverse the consequences of our greed and obsession with power. But the clock is ticking!
    A new form of collective consciousness is in the making across the world. A form that is inherently more beautiful and balanced than ever before between its feminine and masculine parts. When things start becoming more beautiful, that means we are evolving.
    TACT Agora will enable our stories to converge and patterns of new interconnections emerge. Patterns will inspire a myth, a timeless footprint of our collective consciousness in the Universe. A community which has its own myth will have the power to change the world.


    Why Turkey?

    + The front lines of the refugee crisis.

    Turkey is particularly important place right now in the refugee issue - they are the largest host country of registered refugees with over 3.4 million Syrian refugees as of December 2017 (Europe is holding about 1 million). Our partners at InnoCampus supported 40 Syrian refugee entrepreneurs successfully in 3 programmes in 3 different cities (Gaziantep, Izmir and Urfa) in 2017.

    + A bridge between East and West.

    Turkey also symbolizes the union of East-meets-West. In a time of increasing competition and political frictions between the East and West and across national borders, we believe that this is an opportunity to build deeper relationships and collaborations “across the bridge”, creating  shared languages that can transcend our surface differences.

    Our Intention

    How might we creatively support the refugee youth and emerging leaders along the Aegean Sea, and forge a deeper bridge between East and West? 

    Guiding Questions:

    • How might we think and act as a global family, and apply systems thinking to our individual and collective transformation?

    • How might we more creatively and strategically make an impact on the refugee crisis in a way that is regenerative vs. creating more dependencies?
    human flow.jpg

    Inspired by the film, Human Flow and the grassroots refugee program, Ritual decided to partner with InnoCampus Startup Accelerator Program & TactAgora with Turkish diplomat and social entrepreneur, Mustafa Osman Turan to produce this first collaborative expedition.

    More about Mustafa and his background here.

    Experience Modules

    “Who knows himself and others well

    No longer may ignore:

    Orient and Occident dwell

    Separately no more.”

    - J.W. von Goethe, The West-East Divan

    Expedition Objectives

     There are 3 primary focuses of this expedition: Service, Connection & Adventure.

    True cultural immersion involves humbling and emptying ourselves to receive and learn from that place and people. This trip is about experiencing the depth of the Turkish culture and traditions, as well as contribute our wisdom and experience in service of supporting these emerging entrepreneurs. 

    • wisdom exchange
    • service through mentorship, skillshare and healings
    • learning and inspiration
    • adventure and perspective-shift

    The journey will entail workshops, excursions and learning exchanges by day, and cultural experiences by evening. July is the best time of year to be there, and we will travel by sailboat and private drivers to witness the “in-between” spaces that embody the transition from rural to urban society in the East.

    Banner Titles2.jpg

    1. Service

    You can be in service in a million ways. How do you want to serve and be a steward for the future you want to live in?

    Some of the ways that you can serve are: 

    • Creativity Insights
    • Entrepreneurship Insights
    • Skillshare
    • Tools / Best Practices
    • Ideas / Feedback / Reflection
    • Connections to Network
    • Presence and deep listening
    • Healing 

    How can this trip have compounding effects? How can our time and resources be best used?

    • Direct mentorship and sharing with entrepreneurs and creatives
    • Workshops for problem-solving and collaboration with the local NGOs working towards these issues. 
    • Storytelling to promote the shared mission of InnoCampus and the issue of refugee at large to the world, with a new narrative and language of hope and action. There will be practical action steps for people to get clear on next steps. 
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    2. Connection

    Every person involved in this experience is intentionally invited and selected to be on this journey. Our hope that this experience will be a symbol for the potential of a conscious collective, acting out of love and service for the world. You each hold a key piece of the fabric of this experience, and will be co-creating the experience with us. 

    • Each person will be paired up with a buddy to go along the journey
    • Guided conversations and experiences for individuals, pairs and the group to more deeply engage with the experience. Potential for a wisdom sharing circle and closing ceremony.
    • Evening dinners and activities to deepen and reflect on the experiences.
    • Deeper connection to this special part of the world, the ancient land and culture. 
    • We each act as each other's mirrors for healing, growth and greater freedom. This is our commitment to each other as a group. 
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    3. Adventure

    For people who are able to stay a few more days, we’ll have an epic 4-days sailing trip to Greek islands planned for integration, healing and adventure. This will be an additional option that we are organizing at an additional cost. The more the merrier! We will also invite a few other speakers and friends from the East and West to join us. 

    Greek Island Sailing: July 30 - August 3 (4 nights) -- Cesme, Patmos, Samos islands

    Sailing boat expedition might include:

    • Delicious salon dinners
    • Massage and bodywork / Healing sessions
    • Adventures and excursions on each island
    • Swimming, snorkeling and option for scuba diving
    • Local curators and experts on the area to support and share wisdom
    • Creative play time to write, paint, dance, move!