Experience Design for creative emergence


Workshop Overview

We are living in the New Experience Economy. Experience Design is becoming more and more relevant and necessary in the hyper-digital age.

This workshop is designed for people who have a passion at the intersection of people x place x culture. It is for people who are highly-attuned to space, interpersonal social dynamics and vibe, and who seek rich experiences. This is specifically designed for people in positions that deal with the “human interface” - such as coaching, wellness, community building, leadership development, event production and marketing.

You’ll learn the underlying patterns that create transformative learning experiences, and the most potent examples of ancient and modern frameworks that have been used to unleash the potential of a group. You’ll leave with a practical toolkit of processes, rituals and simple tools that we’ve created that can be scaled across any industry, size and location. You’ll practice with exercises with co-learners and be able to apply and commit to practices in your own work. The workshop is designed to be an interactive learning experience that is both conceptual and tactical.

Course Objectives:

  • Better understand the underlying patterns that create transformative experiences
  • Understand meaningful user insights: Learn how to map needs, desires, emotions of your participant, and how design experiences on a strategic and community level..
  • Learn more about the iterative design process, inspired by human-centered design, and applied to the medium of experience. 
  • Learn about the best case studies and examples of ancient and modern frameworks 
  • Get hands on and into practice — learn to apply the frameworks to a real-life experience you want to create in your life / work. Walk away with a MVP roadmap of what your experience, validated by feedback and unleveled with the best in the industry. 
  • Get inspired by different ways to think about experience design, and offer fresh and evocative ways of approaching an experience. 
  • Unique opportunity to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders interested in the field of experience design
  • Walk away with a practical toolkit of processes, rituals and simple tools that can scaled across different industries and locations. 


Guiding Questions: 

Meta Question: How to design powerful and meaningful events that create spontaneity, beauty and innovation?

  1. What are the key questions to ask before designing any experience?  i.e. What are the questions I or my teammates ask when we are planning an event?
  2. What are the key constraints? What does your space look like, and how much time do you have?
  3. How do you want people to feel in every key segment of your experience? What is the key transformation that you want to occur?
  4. How do you want the macro experience to feel? And the micro-experience for the individual guests?
  5. What are typical arcs of a transformational journey and narrative?
  6. What makes an experience powerful, transformative and different?
  7. What are experiences that have allowed you to become vulnerable and more authentically expressed?
  8. What conditions in the environment and qualities of experience inspire you the most creatively and personally? 
  9. How might experience design help us with sense making, customer development and strategic decision-making as an organization? 

Date: Saturday, January  27, 2018

Time: 11am - 5pm

Cost: $150

Maximum of 10 participants.

Workshop includes a healthy California lunch and small bites, all materials, as well as a take-home learning kit.



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