Program Overview

July 25 - August 3

(Includes optional sailing leg: July 30 - August 3) 



July 25-26: Istanbul

#creativity #community #innovation #inspiration #urban #fire

  • Meetups, Talks and Workshops with Creative Communities in Istanbul
  • Sharing circles, tea & other experiences for deep connective experiences
  • Guided Dinner conversations
  • Walk and Talks

 July 27-29, Küçükköy, Ayvalık (150 km north of Izmir, 48 km to Edremit Airport)

#service #mentorship #arts #technology #connection #rural #earth

  • TactAgora & Ritual Studio Meetup(s) in Kıraarthane in Küçükköy (Creativity, Arts, Technology and Science - CATS) Festival
  • Ritual Workshops with selected InnoCampus alumni (4-6 including Syrian entrepreneurs)
  • Meet and exchange with InnoCampus Alumni
  • TactAgora & Ritual Sunrise Conversation @ Şeytan Sofrası, Ayvalık 
  • TactAgora & Ritual Sunset Conversation @ Sevim & Necdet H. Kent Library, Cunda Island
  • Local evening activities such as AIMA International Music Festival
  • Evening dinner at Cunda island
  • Gathering at the at the Küçükköy Cultural Center
  • Stay at the beautiful Murat Reis Hotel in Ayvalık

July 30 - August 3, Sailing through Greek Islands (Lesvos, Cesme, Patmos, Samos)

#healing #beauty #adventure #integration #nature #water

  • Speaker series on the boat
  • Embodiment Practices (Yoga, Massage, Bodywork) 
  • Coaching and Mentorship for integration, processing, and personal-professional development. 
  • Volunteer opportunities at different refugee-related projects on each island
  • Visits to selected entrepreneurial communities
  • Creativity and life design workshops
  • Healthy mediterranean dinners
  • Outdoor excursions along the Aegean Sea
  • Group closing ceremony